Safello Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal

Safello has announced their second crowdfunding round on FundedBeMe and has exceeded their funding goal!

Originally started in 2013 with the simple idea of bringing greater compliance and security to the cryptocurrency market while simultaneously making it accessible and fun, Safello is a self-proclaimed simple and safe brokerage for buying and selling Bitcoin. Their ambition, however, is to create a new type of bank that’s built on top of the blockchain technology; one that is open, social, and global. While this mission statement will take some time, they’re tackling the financial aspects that come with it.

Even though they don’t currently have an Ether wallet, they are still looking toward the Ethereum technology and are hopeful to add Ether wallet framework in the future.

Safello’s vision of the future interface of a bank would include the ability for their users to do more than simple payments, and Ethereum is the very tool that can help them achieve this. In an interview we conducted with Frank Schuil, CEO, and Co-founder of Safello, he stated,

“The smart contract programming language should be less prone to misinterpretation as contracts need to become irreversible and tied to some kind of (real life) reconciliation mechanism or legal framework. Once this happens, Ethereum could become a meaningful way for their customers to do more than manage complex financial instruments.”

Safello is currently only operating in Europe with their brokerage model. However, eventually, any of their wallet and add-on services that don’t directly deal with fiat conversions, will soon be made available globally.