Program Will Allow Developers to Read Lower Level Code

Today, Nick Johnson, a software developer for Ethereum, released a program to make programing simpler on Ethereum. Using evmdis, a disassembler, developers can analyze raw coding in a readable format.

Disassemblers, a program to translate machine code into assembly language, have been used in the computing world, just not through the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). With the development of evmdis, Ethereum developers can review bytecode on a higher level than its original raw format. 

Having a program such as evmdis for Ethereum will fills a void within the community. A common issue is the inability to detect a bug or exploit in applications or contracts. If developers run their application through the program, they will be able to identify any problems and build a stronger network.

Even with the release of evmdis, Johnson is not slowing down on its development. 

Next steps are continuing to improve the disassembly, such as by extracting variable assignments, and adding a web interface with nicely formatted output, so people can easily point it at arbitrary contracts,” Johnson says.

To view evmdis’s source code, click here.