Pay Fees Using Any Currency With Transaction Relay

Transaction Relay (currently in Alpha mode) allows users to pay fees of Ethereum contracts and transactions using any currency or token (EIP20 compatible).

Paying transaction fees with any currency may prove to be more convenient for users. Transaction Relay has two roles:

With ‘pay-to-play’ the issuer of the transaction needs to be able to own Ether to pay for the interaction. According to their GitHub, the Transaction Relay presents other possible applications. Their model enables third parties to take in the fee cost by issuing tokens to registered addresses. This could be useful for applications where users aren’t expected pay with Ether for transactions that interact with a specific Dapp or smart contract. It could also be used for controlled interactions- e.g., giving a user 10 free roulette spins, or accepting a number of free post submissions per day from a registered user in a forum.

Transaction Relay simply enables transactions to be paid 'natively'. To learn more, head over to their GitHub.