OmiseGO And Digix Global Back Blockchain Accelerator

Lately, eyes have been on OmiseGO, which recently curried community favor by airdropping OMG tokens. Meanwhile, cryptic tweets from team members insinuate backroom meetings with Google, and none other than Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has been photographed holding a Liberland flag while sporting an iconic blue OmiseGO shirt.

OmiseGO's latest move, announced on September 18, 2017, is in conjunction with Ethereum-based gold tokenization platform Digix Global, to back Japan-based venture firm Global Brain’s (GB’s) accelerator, GB Blockchain Labs (GBBL). The lab was founded in an effort to create a blockchain ecosystem that serves the community while fostering networking between projects via open source research and capital management.

GBBL will grant capital to blockchain startups it wants to back with financing rounds and offer support for token offering-based crowdfunding efforts.

CEO and founder of OmiseGO Jun Hasegawa spoke optimistically regarding the alliance.

"With its vision, I am confident that GB and its new subsidiary will be adding a lot of value into the blockchain community. I am excited and truly honored to be working closely with the team to provide the best of my knowledge and experience, and help drive transformation through wider adoption of blockchain technologies and its capabilities."

The continued efforts of these companies will create new opportunities for businesses branching into blockchain ventures.