New Record: Over 100K Ethereum Addresses Registered On November 9

Ethereum users set an all-time record by registering a total of 105,935 new addresses on November 9, according to, a website that tracks and analyzes data streams related to the Ethereum blockchain. This brought the total number of distinct Ethereum addresses to 10,737,345.

Ethereum Wallet Registration Record

The development came a day after the apparent cancellation of Segwit2x, a proposed hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that sought to introduce several changes to the platform’s constituent code including doubling the block size, currently capped at 1MB. Before its abandonment, the plan had become a significant source of conflict in the Bitcoin community.

Additionally, over a 24 hour period beginning midday on November 8, the Ethereum blockchain processed about 44% more transactions than the Bitcoin blockchain. It’s currently unclear whether the scrapping of Segwit2x will precipitate a shift in market preferences from Bitcoin to Ethereum. Ether’s price rose somewhat dramatically in the wake of the announcement, but it seemed to have returned to roughly pre-cancellation levels by November 10.

Bitcoin users may be enticed to remain loyal to their platform by the lure of future second-layer solutions, which could speed up transaction processing by allowing certain operations to be performed off the primary chain.