New Ethereum Wallet integration with Coinbase and Mist

According to Github, the new Ethereum Wallet release now includes the “Coinbase Buy” widget, which allows instantaneous fiat purchases for Ether.

This new widget allows US residents only, to buy up to $5 of Ether with a credit or debit card. Users can also transfer those funds to any Ethereum account instantly. To access the widget, users must have a Coinbase account.

As Coinbase adds more markets, they will be added to the wallet, and we are looking into how we can use their bank transfer integration to allow unlimited daily amounts. We are not getting any fees or compensation for this (unlike our ShapeShift affiliate program which sends about 0.25-0.4% to the Ethereum Tip Jar) but we are very excited to see another adoption barrier being taken down. We thank the Coinbase team for their help making this a reality,” said Alex Van de Sande, lead of the Mist team.

Additionally, the Coinbase widget added a few other things: A new Mist accounts panel that changes the way accounts are made visible to a Dapp in Mist, a feature that allows splitting select tokens, and a feature that prevents transactions from being replayed onto other chains like Ethereum Classic. The last feature that prevents replays backs users in order to prevent transfers from happening on the Classic chain. Using those transactions to send the same amount to a different contract, such as a newly created account or exchange, is also barred.

All Fork code has been removed from their Mist app. If users want to utilize Ether Classic, they’ll have to download the Classic Mist directly from their repository or use their own node as the backend for their wallet.

Alex Van de Sande also warns that most of the new features are still experimental. It is suggested that consumers use discretion and transact small amounts.