MyEtherWallet Partners With INFURA For Enhanced Infrastructure Support

INFURA has announced a partnership with MyEtherWallet to facilitate transactions within the Ethereum network. Native node support by INFURA will be integrated into the MEW platform.

As explained in INFURA’s Medium post announcement, “In the MEW interface, on the top right menu, there is a selection box that allows you to choose your preferred node. Simply select and your MEW session will be connected to INFURA.”

INFURA will support MyEtherWallet’s mainnet and testnet networks, relieving MEW of its high-volume traffic. MEW receives a peak of 1,000 transaction requests per second.

It might be easiest to think about this with an analogy. If MEW primarily manufactures automobiles (wallets), then INFURA provides on-ramps (nodes) to access the freeway (the Ethereum blockchain). Although MEW has 10 of its own nodes, additional capacity through INFURA will ease its burden.

While this alleviates one of the limiting factors in Ethereum’s lag, INFURA indicates that enhanced node support is just one step toward network scalability. Node overload has become obvious as cryptocurrency enthusiasts race to invest in token offerings.

Founders of INFURA and MyEtherWallet expressed their delight at the new partnership.

“INFURA is thrilled to be working with MyEtherWallet to support the growing Ethereum ecosystem,” said Michael Wuehler, co-founder of INFURA. “Both projects have earned deep respect among the developer communities and share the same vision of facilitating and simplifying the user experience of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain.”

Taylor Monahan, co-founder of MyEtherWallet said, “Ethereum's growing popularity has resulted in a flood of new users to the space in recent months.”

"Our partnership allows us to refocus on delivering new features and refining our interface, while leveraging INFURA's expertise in infrastructure. This could not have come at a better time.”