MyEtherWallet Now Supports Any Ethereum Token

MyEtherWallet, an open source Javascript client-side Ether wallet, makes it easy to create secure wallets without the command line or the need to run an Ethereum client on a user’s computer. With this wallet, users are able to run MyEtherWallet on offline computers and are able to create secure paper wallets for their Ether; a handy tool for security purposes.

Working from Switzerland, the team released a statement on Reddit that users are now able to send “any Ethereum token on the network via a super simple GUI.” They also noted that the feature is currently live on as well as the Chrome Extension. The navigation has also been renamed, making it more clear and simple.

“Any token that is built on the ERC-20 spec is now supported and- yes- you can add your own super special token.”

When creating custom tokens, their user interface is similar to Mist in that users can send it to any address and they can also view the balance of the token on the sidebar. The address of the custom token (be it a token called Unicorn), token symbol and their decimals will be saved in the user’s local storage and remain there.

The MyEtherWallet team also listed a few goals they wish to achieve in the coming months. They aim to support BTC, launch apps within the Android and iPhone processors and support QR codes to unlock user’s wallets from their phones or browser. They also plan to support DGX, DAI, and REP when they become ready.

Since Ether is a global currency, MyEtherWallet wishes to become a multilingual wallet and the translators they have for this goal are Chinese, French, Korean, and Russian. They hope to bring more translators on board and are seeking the public’s aid in donating translation services.  

For a more detailed view of their Reddit post, or to donate services as a translator, click here.