Multi-Platform Ethereum Wallet Jaxx Adds Support to The DAO Tokens

Decentral finishes up a week of their Many Days of Jaxx announcements by adding support for The DAO tokens to their multi-platform Jaxx Wallet. Users will be able to access these tokens through Android, Chrome, Desktop, and Firefox. The company is waiting on Apple’s standard review and hopes the iOS version will go live in the next 24-36 hours.

Decentral stated:

The DAO has captured the imagination of the Ethereum community and beyond, and has been widely discussed in the mainstream media. For all of the chatter, there are still very few options for DAO tokenholders to actually manage their tokens.

On the main screen, a tab is already available for The DAO token making it easier for users to move from one virtual currency to another. This introduction allows users to efficiently transfer DAO tokens, forward them to independent services, and shift/pool them between addresses through Jaxx, according to Decentral.

As of right now, the wallet has no DAO transaction history. Decentral has promised they are in the process of developing it. The Canadian-based company also noted users must have a pre-existing ETH transfer before the DAO balance is seen.

Last week, the company introduced RocketDAO, a “web portal for browsing, creating, submitting, and voting on Proposals”. Decentral plans to continue working with proposals and voting by letting users vote directly within Jaxx.