MetaMask: Run Ethereum Dapps in Your Current Browser

MetaMask is giving users the chance to run Ethereum Dapps right in their current browser without running a full Ethereum node. Touted as the “bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today,” users are currently able to run Ethereum Dapps through their Chrome browser. While this is the only browser they support at the current time, they do eventually plan to support Firefox and more.

MetaMask’s mission is to make Ethereum as easy to use as possible. Their service includes a secure identity vault, and provide a user interface that manages the user’s identities on different sites, and signs blockchain transactions.

Developers are currently able to use MetaMask now while it’s in its Alpha stage of development.

According to their GitHub, MetaMask is a set of tools for Ethereum integration into the user’s web browser which enables users to:

  • Display wallet balances and send ether through LightWallet
  • Visit Ethereum enabled websites using the web3 API
  • Confirm or reject balance transactions that are requested by Dapps
  • Interact with the Ethereum blockchain without setting up a full node

They also note that MetaMask will release their source code and engage their beta-testers in the near future. Users may sign up on their website to learn more about MetaMask.