Marco Cuesta on FirstBlood, the New eSports Dapp

FirstBlood, one of the first decentralized eSports reward platform that’s built off Ethereum, has released a Whitepaper.

The new Dapp that is about to arrive on the scene is an Ethereum-geared eSports game, where data is automatically verified and rewards are routinely sent. This creates a system where users can play with confidence. Similar to games like ‘League of Legends’, ‘Counter Strike’, ‘Global Offensive’, and ‘Hearthstone’, users will be able to use FirstBlood to challenge each other.

ETHNews had the pleasure of interviewing Marco Cuesta, Head of Strategic Development, on the new platform:

What started the idea of FirstBlood?

Marco Cuesta: The idea originally started when two of the founders, Joe and Anik, entered their project “” into the Riot API challenge. The project was a matching engine that would allow for bracketed competitions and 1v1 rankings for League of Legends competitors. From that initial idea and our experience in the Blockchain space we developed FirstBlood.

Why Ethereum?

MC: Ethereum is the leading network for smart contracts and DAPPS. Likewise, our founders and advisors have a great deal of experience working with the Ethereum Blockchain. Zack is our Smart Contact Architect and is famous for creating EtherOpt, the first decentralized options exchange for Ether. Joey, our Technical Advisor, is the lead developer for Augur, an Ethereum based predictions market. Mikko, our other Technical Advisor, is the sole creator of LocalBitcoins and has developed smart contracts to digitalize assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. Additionally, he is a published expert in blockchain security.

Why use FBT tokens instead of Ether?

MC: FBT allows us to maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem that our community will benefit from. FBT allows us to operate our Witness Nodes and Jury Voting Pool to stop cheaters or toxic players in their tracks. This is something the eSports industry desperately needs across multiple titles with cheating and other illicit activity on the rise. Witnesses and Jurors will be rewarded for their duty in the form of FBT. Additionally, FBT holders will be allowed to create their own custom tournaments on our platform at anytime, anywhere. Holders will also be rewarded for referring their friends to join the platform once they’ve participated in a match.

Will FirstBlood be easy for the average gamer to use?

MC: The first version of the platform will be easy to use and geared towards people who are already familiar with digital currency. Later versions of FirstBlood will be designed for a larger audience that might have never used bitcoin before. Our goal is to make FirstBlood as simple to use as your favorite social media platform.

Do you plan to integrate FirstBlood into any consoles that have social accessibility- such as XBOX or PS4?

MC: This is a possible route we’ve contemplated. However, we will be focusing our initial efforts exclusively on PC games.

Will FirstBlood ever create its own games?

MC: Alright, this one is a long shot. But you never know!

To read FirstBlood’s Whitepaper or check out their site, follow the links!