Ledger Nano S Adds Ethereum Support

Ledger, a French startup that creates secure blockchain applications for businesses, industrials, and the individual consumer, recently released information on their newest Ethereum wallet, the Nano S.

Touted as one of the blockchain application companies that’s always coming up with new and improved products and services, Ledger had just recently taken on Ethereum adoption. Ledger Blue, their first flagship hardware wallet is a high-end signature device that features an interface similar to a tablet with touchscreen apps, and USB/NFC/BLE connectivity for PC and smartphone compatibility. With the high amount of positive responses to the Ledger Blue, they decided to create two smaller USB versions. The Ledger Nano and the Nano S. However, the Nano is Bitcoin compatible only, while the recently announced Nano S is capable of holding Ether as well as Bitcoin.

The Nano S features a small OLED screen for payment validation and users can tap the small side buttons to enter their pin and confirm their transactions. Ledger also assures their users with maximum protection of security due to their EAL5+ certified Secure Element smarctcard technology. The Nano S also includes built-in apps for Bitcoin and Ethereum, or users can choose to use third-party apps (such as FIDO U2F, GPG, and SSH), or build their own. The Nano S is also compatible with Ledger’s Google Chrome plug-in and the company never holds the user’s private keys, nor is it known by a third-party. Ledger adheres to their standard that the user’s wallet is decentralized.

The Nano S is now available for pre-order. Shipping will begin at the end of July.