Learn Ethereum: An Ethereum Developers Course by Exosphere Academy

Exosphere just announced their Ethereum Developers Course which will take place for three weeks, starting September 26th to October 14th, 2016 in Reñaca, Chile.

The Ethereum network is a rapidly developing online ecosystem with some of the greatest minds working on this platform to completely revamp and revolutionize financial and legal online infrastructures. And with this three-week course, developers and enthusiasts can learn about Ethereum and join in on the discovery and implementation with these great minds.  

Through Exosphere Academy, developers will learn the Ethereum programming language “Solidity”- to write and deploy smart contracts, and will develop a strong understanding of how all of the network’s components (miners, gas, the blockchain, wallets, etc.) work together. They will also (and very importantly) learn about vulnerabilities and how to prevent them, right from the start.

These developers will gain the necessary high in-demand skills that are needed for this growing industry of internet technology.

After announcing that their Academy would host an Ethereum Stream, an eight-week course in Ethereum, they received more than 100 applications for the course within the first three weeks alone. The recognition of a continuing sentiment amongst all these applicants of, “I don’t know where to start,” prompted them to offer a shorter, more focused experience.

They do have plans to continue these courses in the future, and they’re currently preparing for a comprehensive course offering, for technology training on the blockchain, A.I., and other tech, all set for 2017. These courses vary from the three-week boot camp style to a longer eight-week course.

Exosphere plans on dedicating education to scalability, reliability, and security practices, with aims of providing tangible value to people with real problems. Their methodology is comprised of short, but potent instruction sessions with guided application practice and frequent viewing.

Moritz Bierling, Ethereum Curator for Exosphere, stated, “We listened to our customers and decided to offer a shorter, more focused experience, helping turn the great enthusiasm of eager developers into actual understanding and ability.”  

Bierling also noted that their biggest hurdle they’ve had to overcome has been making this three-week course accessible to people without the financial means to attend. He told Ethereum.net,

“We want to help bring developers into this space that care about solving actual problems- that care about making life better for people. Often enough, these people are not in a position to afford the course. For this reason, we are looking to partner with companies and other organizations in this space, who are looking for developers. If you’re a representative of those, please get in touch with me.”

If you would like to learn more about Exosphere’s three-week course on Ethereum, check out their website. If you would like to get in touch with Moritz Bierling, you may do so by emailing him: moritz@exosphere.re.