Kraken opens Ether Classic markets

In a tweet on July 23rd, the Poloniex Exchange stated they would add the Ether Classic chain to their markets. With that proclamation underway and the growing popularity of the competing chain, it’s fair other exchanges would follow suit.

This morning (Wednesday, July 27), Kraken announced that they’re opening markets for the ETC (Ether classic) chain. The competing chain, which doesn’t reimburse the DAO investors, has clearly drawn a compelling community of support.

They released an email summarizing their blog post on their ETC markets:

Hi (User),

Kraken is opening new classic ether (ETC) markets and crediting ETC to any accounts that had ETH at the fork. Get all the details in our blog post:

Removing the ICAP deposit option

Please note that along with the update adding ETC markets and balances we are removing the ICAP deposit option for both ETH and ETC. If you use any ICAP deposit addresses you should switch over to hex addresses immediately. Almost all of our clients use hex addresses already, so only a few will be affected by this change.

Thank you for choosing Kraken, the trusted and secure digital assets exchange.

The Kraken Team