Kraken Accounts Hacked - Users Did Not Enable 2FA

A hacker or a group of hackers have targeted the virtual currency exchange, Kraken.

A few accounts have been compromised and funds were stolen, Kraken confirmed. They also emphasized that the exchange itself was not jeopardized.

The news came to light when a couple of users went to social media to complain and warn users about this attack. Both users did express they did not use 2-Factor Authorization on their accounts. This lack of chosen security allowed the hacker(s) to manipulate the account for their benefit.

These seem to be the only accounts compromised. As of right now, no one else has publicly come forward with similar issues. Kraken did respond to one of the users who complained where they reiterated the importance of protect your personal account using 2FA. They do plan provide clearer methods to get that point across to their users.