KeepKey to Expand Sales Worldwide

One of the world’s top bitcoin hardware wallets will expand its sale globally.

KeepKey announces their device will be available in 11 new countries, including Poland, Japan, Canada, Singapore, and Germany. The Seattle-based company has partnered with six different companies to assist in translating the device to the country’s native language.

The company currently supports six currencies with plans to add more. KeepKey’s Head of Business Development, Doug Miller, explained to our team in an email, "KeepKey is excited to announce that we are currently working on adding support for Ethereum and Dash on our device, with plans to integrate many more popular virtual currencies in the near future."

KeepKey has confirmed to ETHNews that they expect to add Ethereum in the coming weeks.

KeepKey Announces Global Sales Expansion

New KeepKey reseller partnerships allow local distribution of premier hardware wallet in 11 countries worldwide

Seattle, WA – September 14, 2016 – KeepKey, creator of the world’s premier bitcoin hardware wallet, has today announced a significant milestone in sales expansion, with the popular security device now available for local purchase in Poland, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mongolia, and Germany. While the state of the art security device remains available for purchase online with international shipping anywhere, KeepKey struck reseller partnerships with six highly regarded companies across four continents to translate the bitcoin vault into local languages. 

KeepKey Head of Business Development Doug Miller explained the extraordinary growth in KeepKey distribution: “With demand from new customers in so many countries, these partnerships will ensure a higher standard of cryptocurrency and digital wealth security for a global community. Especially in response to high profile hacks that have occurred recently, digital currency investors are more reliant than ever on high performing security solutions in their own language.” 

KeepKey plans to add more companies and nations to its global reseller list so that the device can be more easily adopted and quickly understood by a thriving international customer base. 

In addition to stocking devices for local and more rapid sale and distribution, KeepKey’s value-added resellers are helping to translate the device’s from the default English. Please see the list below for KeepKey’s reseller partnerships by country.










New Zealand










About KeepKey:

Seattle-based KeepKey was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Darin Stanchfield. A highly rated hardware wallet, KeepKey provides thousands of bitcoin users with the most secure, convenient, and easy-to-use hardware wallet available today.

Now available for just $99 at retailers across the globe, KeepKey hardware wallet is a mobile, personal, and secure vault for storing bitcoins and other digital assets. Every transaction is reviewed, approved and confirmed through a large OLED display to ensure that the world’s most valuable data remains fully secured. In May 2016, KeepKey acquired MultiBit in the first announced all-bitcoin acquisition of the year.

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