Jaxx Wallet Releases Jaxx 1.0.2 with ShapeShift Integration

Decentral ended their Many Days of Jaxx with a major announcement. A new version of Jaxx Wallet, Jaxx 1.0.2, was released featuring a new ShapeShift integration.

By adding ShapeShift to the multi-platform wallet, users can easily exchange their virtual currency (BTC, ETH, and DAO) within the wallet. Jaxx will also allow this feature to work with any coins and tokens that will be added in the future.

Users can easily operate this feature through the “Send” tab. They can either click on the fox icon under the “Amount” bar or, type in “ShapeShift” into the Address bar to convert their coins.

This unification of Jaxx and ShapeShift is only the beginning for Decentral, who has recently announced the addition of the DAO token as well as the debit card widget to their wallet.

Jaxx 1.0.2 is available for Chrome, Firefox, Android, and PC/Mac/Linux desktops. Availability for iOS devices will appear in 24-36 hours due to Apple’s standard review process.