ICONOMI Launches ICO Crowdfunding Campaign

Starting today, investors can participate in ICONOMI’s ICO crowdfunding campaign.

The money raised during the campaign will allow the development of funds on ICONOMI’s platform. If the campaign is successful, the company will present two new funds: ICONOMI.INDEX and ICONOMI.PERFORMANCE.

The introduction of these two funds will make ICONOMI the first fund management platform for investors interested in the decentralized economy. By using the Open Fund Management platform and investing in hedge funds, consumers will be able to secure their profits. The platform will also be transparent about traders past and present trading history.

Tim Mitja Zagar, ICONOMI co-founder, understands how the need for this type of investing service is fundamental, which is why ICONOMI was established and was catered to the cryptocurrency investors.

“We will provide full transparency, security and 24-hour access to assets for our investors in order to facilitate their entry into the investment world. Furthermore, with the diversification of investments we will protect investors against the high volatility prevailing in the crypto-world,” Zagar said.

ICONOMI will hand out a total of 100 million ICONOMI Ethereum-based Tokens (ICN) to those who invested 10 days after the successful campaign. Acquiring these tokens gives investors ownership of the platform, the ability to receive dividends, and voting rights on platform developments.

The campaign welcomes funding through multiple currencies. Users can contribute Bitcoin, Ether, Lisk, USD, and Euros to the campaign. However, ICONOMI has set a goal of 2000 BTC. If this goal is not met, the campaign will be deemed unsuccessful and its investors will be refunded.

The Initial Coin Offering will run for 36 days, ending Sept. 29, 2016 at 20:00 UTC. ICONOMI is offering an early bird special for the first week of the campaign where investors will receive a 15 percent bonus.