I Am 100% Working on ETH

Today the Ethereum Reddit page became flooded with posts of tweets from some of the top names in Ethereum.

Each tweet states: I am working 100% on ETH.Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, Mihai Alisie, Martin Köppelmann are among those who have been sharing these tweets and vocally stating that ETH is their chain of choice. These sentiments have been dominating the forum so much that other users are simply posting (possibly in jest): I (just some guy) am 100% working on ETH.

The Ethereum community has seen such a divide since the hard fork, that those who seriously want to invoke change within this platform are taking a stand. They’re also hoping that by proclaiming their position, other users will follow suit and switch from original chain to the new.

A list of dApps being built on both respective chains has been released. It’s well known that the fate of the dApps built on the ETC chain will depend on the longevity of Ethereum Classic. Since there are so many new projects being built on Ethereum, a lot of project creators are taking to Twitter and Reddit to inform users where they stand.

Some fans and users have been confused by the apparent divide and have been uncertain about the future of the platform. With top names in the industry announcing their stance, this gives a little clarity to its users. Here is a sample pool of tweets from those standing behind ETH: