Hard Fork Block Number Still Undecided

Ethereum has been planning the second installation of the two-part hard fork (HF) for some time now, but there’s been a delay in announcing on what block it will take place. There was a bit of confusion recently over the HF block number, with block 2,642,462 circulating online as the main candidate. Although it’s a nice palindrome of a block number, it seems there’s still no official word as to when the hard fork will truly happen.

Hudson Jameson, of the Ethereum foundation, took to Reddit to post an update regarding the upcoming hard fork, writing:

“Here is an update:

Thanks for your patience everyone! I can assure you that a lack of news does not mean bad news. If you really want to get a feel for how each client is coming along in implementing the changes check out their GitHub repos.”

So it seems like the focus is being shifted away from the Ethereum Foundation, and towards the Ethereum clients. Even though this update doesn’t reveal any details about a timeframe for hard fork implementation, it does seem to imply things are moving along smooth enough.

Explaining the process of how a hard fork block number is actually chosen, Hudson Jameson said:

“Ethereum does not have a formal process for deciding hard fork block numbers. Which block number to apply a hard fork to is a technical decision made by various people and groups in the community. It is an organic process of reaching consensus amongst the technical leaders in the community.

As soon as I know that consensus has been reached across a majority of clients (and the client devs feel that all tests are passing) I will make sure there is a post on Reddit reflecting that. As soon as the Ethereum Foundation wants to make an announcement to agree or disagree to the changes we will, but in no way is the Ethereum Foundation or it's blog an indication of an official decision. There is a lot of respect and cooperation between groups in the community and I've seen all major clients work very hard to get these changes included in their clients as fast as possible while still holding themselves to strict testing standards for cross client compatibility wrt the network. Myself and the client core devs appreciate your patience.”

While the hard fork block number may not be officially decided yet, the Ethereum Foundation is maintaining transparency and staying in contact with the community.