HackETHon Finishes Successful Weekend

Thomson Reuters closed out the weekend on a high after completing their first HackETHon.

The well-known media corporation welcomed those in the Ethereum community to London. During the three-day event, teams battled to develop ideas, design code, and build a prototype, all while the clock counted down.

The event held several presentations. Nick Johnson, software engineer at the Ethereum Foundation, gave a first look at his new project, BlockHooks, where one can post blockchain events on social media. Jack Gavigan gave an introduction to his product, Zcash, and how it will protect blockchain security and privacy. And Peter Szilágyi, software developer at the Ethereum Foundation, explained what the Foundation and developers have learned with broken smart contracts.

The main presentation, however, came from the sponsor. Thomson Reuters greeted attendees with a look at their public blockchain product, BlockOne ID. This tool is an Ethereum HD wallet that includes an identity platform to possibly prevent attacks such as a Sybil attack.

As for the HackETHon, the event announced the winning team to be FantETHy. The team is “a fantasy sports game implemented in smart contracts that run on Ethereum allowing users to create their own fantasy leagues,” David Acton, a member of FantETHy, told CryptoCoinNews.

The team consisted of Acton, David Coleman, Andrew Smith, and others, who developed the idea during the event. In the game, users can create their own virtual team made up of real athletes, similar to regular fantasy games. But with FantETHy, users are rewarded on the players’ performances by using a smart contract.

This event is only the beginning of the relationship between Ethereum and Thomson Reuters. They are gearing up to host another HackETHon in January 2017, which will be held in Switzerland.