Habitat For Humanity Texas Accepting Donations Of Ether To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

On August 29, 2017, in response to the overwhelming humanitarian crisis caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Texas-based office of Habitat for Humanity has opted to accept donations in the form of Ether.

The charitable organization tweeted that it would provide relief for Hurricane Harvey victims, and directed holders of Ether to visit a website where donations could be sent to an Ethereum address. At time of press, a little over 14.8 Ether, worth approximately $5,572 at a $375.03 valuation, has been donated to the cause. According to its website, "100% of the proceeds are donated directly to Habitat for Humanity Texas to fund their long term disaster relief efforts in Harvey's aftermath."

Habitat for Humanity encourages anyone with means to contribute either Ether or fiat currencies to help those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Visit the Habitat for Humanity website or, to donate Ether, visit ETH4Harvey.com.