Government Blockchain Association Attends Agency Workshop For An Open Government

On September 14, 2017, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) revealed its role in a September 8 co-creation workshop that many organizations participated in.

The event was called Emerging Technology and Open Data for a More Accountable, Open Government, and focused on the development and deployment of blockchain-based solutions for the fourth US National Action Plan for Open Government. During the event, participant working groups presented blockchain related goals such as a national blockchain-based identity system, an open government innovation initiative, and a blockchain open interface framework.

National Blockchain-Based System for Personal Identity

The identity system would leverage blockchain technology and biometric data to provide transparency and provenance for individuals to see how and when their data is being accessed by the government. Such a system has the potential to provide multiple agencies with a baseline for interoperability.

Open Government Innovation Initiative

This initiative would allow various US government agencies to submit pilot programs meant to improve their internal operations through blockchain use. The most successful submissions would move from round A of venture funding to round B, where scaling options would be explored to deliver the results to Americans based on factors of transparency, accountability, and efficiency

Blockchain Open Interface Framework

A blockchain open interface framework would see API's interact with data and then hash it to a blockchain. In the proposed platform, not every member node of the network needs to see everything on the network. This would allow for bi-directional interaction among network participants (nodes and peers). Service-level agreement (SLA) compliance, data access and control, and transparency will be the metrics used to indicate the success of the program.

Workshop members included officials from the General Services Administration, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Executive Office of the President, and 36 US other government agencies, as well as IT contractors and industry associations. The participating agencies have indicated a strong government backing behind the development of blockchain technology and its promise to bring a measure of transparency and efficiency to government. Margie Graves of the OMB expressed that this administration was serious about this technology, committed to it, and would not be deterred.

The GBA advises members who have comments or input regarding the proposals discussed at the workshop to reach out with any specific feedback.