Genesis Global is Now Trading Ether Classic

The Hard Fork certainly elicited some unprecedented events. While most developers and users thought the original Ether chain would dissolve over time, groups of people have been cropping up all over the globe with support. Due to the amount of those sustaining the Ether Classic chain, exchanges have been deciding to adopt it into their framework.

Genesis Global Trading Inc., an institutional trading firm that offers two-sided liquidity for Bitcoin and Ether, has now added trading support for the Ether Classic (ETC) chain. They decided to add ETC trading due to investor demand on both the buying and selling sides. Since most of their trading is typically done in Bitcoin, they welcomed a market of other virtual currencies that garnered a lot of interest. Of course, if interest in ETC declines, they will reduce trading activity as they would with any other cryptocurrency.

When ETHNews asked Genesis about ETC and how it’s been faring, CEO of Genesis, Michael Moro, told us in an interview,

“The investors we have spoken to believe that they could very well see ETC surpass ETH in value.  At the same time, I also think they recognize that ETC could ultimately fail.  Interest in ETC has 0been high since the fork, and it wouldn't surprise me to see it continue.”  

As for an opinion on the Hard Fork, they feel that they have always been “digital currency agnostic” as they can envision a world in which many different currencies could likely succeed. As for ETH and ETC, Moro stated, “there should be an eventual winner between them and investor interest will go a long way in determining the outcome.”

ETH News will stay updated on the advance and innovations of Genesis Global Trading. Stay tuned.