Gemini Opens Up Ether Trade in Japan and South Korea

Gemini, the first Bitcoin and Ether exchange to receive licensing approval for trade in New York, has been slowly traversing the globe by opening up trade in new countries. Their recent trade conquest is now available in Japan and the Republic of Korea. Due to the burgeoning growth of virtual currencies in East Asia, Gemini founders, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, hope that this expansion will set a new milestone for Gemini and will help them achieve their goal of being the “next generation digital asset exchange.”

Registered customers in Japan and Republic of Korea are now able to trade Bitcoin and Ether using the Gemini exchange and able to:

“Gemini supports US Dollar wire transfers from your bank located in Japan or South Korea. Please be aware that your bank may charge currency conversion fees.
Gemini accepts institutional clients outside of our current areas of operation on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about your institution’s eligibility for a Gemini account, please contact or connect with our Head of Institutional Sales directly via Skype at DannyKimNY.”