GameCredits Creates Blockchain-based Mobile Gaming Platform

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the introduction of Snake on the Nokia 6610 in 1997. Since then, technology has advanced and offered new and exciting ways for developers to entertain the masses. As a result, mobile gaming has grown into one of the largest markets worldwide. 2017 looks to be an exciting year for the industry, as market projections suggest that the total mobile gaming market will finally surpass the PC gaming market. In addition, the global market for mobile games is projected to grow rapidly with a compound annual growth rate of 6.6 percent toward 2019. Therefore, given its market size and optimistic outlook, the mobile gaming market would be a lucrative investment for any potential blockchain venture looking to break into the mainstream.

GameCredits is a blockchain-based gaming payment platform that offers solutions to payment process inadequacies in the gaming industry. It also offers incentives that other payment platforms don’t, such as streamlined processes that allow developers to have their games listed within minutes, instantaneous payments, and fee savings of up to 20 percent.

In December 2016, GameCredits integrated its payment gateway and API in Datcroft Games’ massively multiplayer online role playing game Fragoria. As a result, the game added a number of features, including redeemable coupons that players can exchange for GameCredits’ GAME cryptocurrency.  The API also allows players to make payments with fiat currencies through payment methods like PayPal and credit card.

“We always felt that the gaming world was the easiest place for crypto to succeed,” said Jon Comer, CMO of GameCredits. “World of Warcraft gold and other in-game currencies predated Bitcoin.  However, we needed to partner with gaming industry leaders.”

Later in 2017, GameCredits will introduce a platform using a peer-to-peer smart token called MobileGo, developed on the Ethereum and Waves blockchains, that will allow for trading of virtual items and in-game content in a decentralized virtual marketplace. The token can also be used for player-to-player tournaments that could either be centralized (run by developers) or decentralized (run by gamers).The official MobileGo token crowdsale will be held in a few months, and the token will go live in late summer or early fall of 2017.

According to Comer, “GameCredits is an open sourced POW crypto community” that will create opportunities for Ethereum developers to build and expand upon the company’s decentralized products. GameCredits remains optimistic that not just Ethereum developers will participate, but also the general gaming community will recognize the potential benefits of its payment platform. Comer stated:

“Our goal has always been to introduce crypto to mainstream gamers in an incentivized way - whether through savings and discounts or enhanced features.  We believe that as mainstream gamers start to see the benefits associated with this ecosystem, these million[s] of people will also become interested in all the decentralized things crypto can create.”