EVM Track Update: Making the EVM Scream Panel at Devcon2

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) development is marching forward.

Dr. Greg Colvin’s presentation on “Making the EVM Scream” was a fun presentation (laced with old Fortran jokes) that was well delivered, and accessible to ordinary folks who may not otherwise have a clue what assembly language is. His presentation easily showed why it’s important to make assembly code fast and efficient.

Greg used a car analogy to get us to think of the transformation of the original EVM. Imagine the old EVM as a steady, safe, and reliable family sedan to a high-performance sports car capable of competing on the quarter mile track. The EVM is now faster and more efficient than ever, thanks to upgrades to the architecture and integration of new features.

There was an important panel discussion in the morning session with Dr. Greg Colvin (chair), Martin Becze, Paweł Bylica, Dr. Christian Reitwiessner and Alex Beregszaszi who spoke on everything from transpiling, to new Wasm standards from the W3C, EVM-C (a new C language interface for Ethereum) and the EVT-JIT (which is fully compliant with the launch EVM). But the highlight presentation for those interested in EVM developments was the work done by Martin Becze and Alex Beregszaszi on making sure the EVM to web assembly (Wasm) transpiler is fully up-and-running for when the W3C finalize the Wasm standard sometime in 2017.