European Commission Offering 500,000 Euro Contract To Help Build Blockchain And DLT Hub

On July 24, 2017, the European Commission (Commission) announced that it was establishing a blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) expertise hub called the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum (Forum) to help identify and analyze technological and organizational trends of “emerging issues.”

In addition, the Forum will develop and build upon existing initiatives, and organize discussions and workshops around blockchain topics that directly impact the EU. To accomplish this, the Commission made a call for tender, offering 500,000 euros to contractors willing to “make the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum an attractive hub for blockchain expertise in Europe.” 

According to the Tender Specifications, the team will be will be tasked with eight objectives:

  1. Develop “an open dynamic mapping system for identifying relevant national and or regional initiatives.”
  2. Monitor, analyze, and address the implications of blockchain developments, specifically, issues regarding data protection and management.
  3. Explore blockchain use cases as they relate to FinTech. This includes investigating cryptocurrencies, ICOs, financial services use cases, and use of blockchain in RegTech.
  4. Explore non-financial blockchain use cases that effect Europe.
  5. Recruit an informal Advisory Group of 10 “top level experts” in the blockchain industry to advise on the Forum’s activities and trends.
  6. Consolidate findings from different tasks and make recommendations to be run at the EU level.
  7. Set up an on-line platform in order to visualize existing initiatives, to communicate on different analyses and findings, to crowdsource information and prepare for workshops, and to promote events.
  8. Organize two EU Blockchain major events with the objectives of reporting “on the evolution and trends in blockchain, provide visibility to initiatives at the EU level in the global context and debate about relevant initiatives / actions that can be taken at EU level.”

In addition, the team will report monthly to the European authorities to discuss progress and to “adjust the priorities.” The Forum also demands the team provide deliverables, such as inception, interim, and final reports that describe and outline the Forum’s intended goals and objectives.

The deadline for submissions is September 25, 2017.