Etherplay Now in Beta Test Mode

Etherplay, the gaming portal running on the Ethereum platform, has announced the start of their beta test run.

Why gaming on Ethereum?

The Etherplay team believed the Ethereum community allowed them to build their gaming system with “less hassle.” They utilize a current oracle-based smart contract which is run by Etherplay. All the data is available to the players, making their system verifiable while allowing more accountability.

The goal is for a player to get the highest score. Each attempt costs some Ether that goes into the jackpot. For each successful attempt, a player pays a gas fee to get their score saved. At the end of the competition, winners get rewarded. Etherplay takes a fee. Some of their Ether is put into the jackpot to make competition more interesting. 

The beta test runs on the testnet, so there currently isn’t any real monetary amount to win or lose, but the Etherplay team is highly encouraging participation. They’ve stated that they will announce a reward at some point to incentivize their beta test. 

“But for now, enjoy the game and take the opportunity to sharpen your skills. We start with a competition that will end around after 24 hours when the 3 best high scores will be rewarded automatically. Our fee will be 25%. When we will be on the mainnet, this will fund our development of new games and general development.”

This beta test will help the team discover any bugs or issues. They strongly recommend users to advise the team about issues. They welcome all kinds of feedback. 

Visit Etherplay’s website and subscribe to their mailing list for more updates.