Etherplay: Games on Ethereum

Etherplay advertises itself as a gaming portal for those who wish to use their gaming skills and play games utilizing the Ethereum platform.

Etherplay allows users to compete with other players by adding their own games. They pay a small fee for each attempt and winners get the jackpot. The Etherplay team is actively working on their first game, and hoping to release their beta test before DEVCON2 at the end of August or beginning of September 2016. In time, they wish to have several games for players to choose from.

Why the Ethereum platform?

They believed in the community and it allowed the Etherplay team to build their system with “less hassle.” However, Etherplay’s smart contract system is not entirely trustless. They originally wanted the Ethereum network to compute the proof of winners automatically, but this proved improbable due to gas cost on the network. They’re utilizing a current oracle based smart contract. While the oracle is run by Etherplay, all the data is still available to the players making their system verifiable. This translates to more accountability.  

Here are the steps:

Play Games

Players pay the fee to receive a seed and play the game. This is recorded onto the blockchain.

Submit Score

At the end of the game session, if the player reached a sufficiently high score (to win a reward), the player is asked to submit that score with the associated proof.

This will incur a very small gas fee to ensure this is saved on the Ethereum blockchain.

Get Rewarded

Our oracle then kicks in at the end of the competition and verifies the best scores. It then rewards the winner(s) with the jackpot. Each game competition can be configured independently for different fees and winner rewards.  

Etherplay does not plan to support ETC at launch.

To sign up and learn more about Etherplay, head to their site.