ETHERLive Is Up And Running After Minor Glitch

About 1:30pm PST, ETHNews experienced technical difficulty with its real-time Ether analysis tool, ETHERLive. If you used the ETHNews app, or visited today, you may have noticed our ETHERLive tool was absent. Currently, ETHERLive is back up and operating.

Due to a glitch earlier, we were forced to temporarily disable real-time Ether (ETH) price analysis. Users may have received inaccurate market average figures as well as price notifications via the ETHNews mobile app. We were immediately made aware of the issue and began working to resolve and find root of the issue.

The glitch occurred when malformed data threw off our market average. Nothing is wrong with any of the exchanges (as far as we’re aware), but our market average did not reflect the true average price of Ether across the markets. We have resolved the issue for the most part and ETHERLive prices are accurate. However, we are still experiencing minor issues with loading and populating some charts.  We apologize for any inconvenience users may have experienced.