Ethereum’s Byzantium Update Widely Successful

Running ahead of schedule, at 10:22 pm PST on Sunday, October 15, 2017, the Byzantium fork went live at block 4,370,000. As previously covered by ETHNews, the Byzantium hard fork encompasses enhancements to the Ethereum network by integrating Ethereum Improvement Protocols designed to provide the system with a number of new benefits while weaning miners off proof-of-work consensus.

Reactions to the successful update took many forms and developers weren't shy about sharing celebratory tweets:

The update was not without hiccups; one bug was identified shortly before the planned hard fork and quickly nipped in the bud by fast-acting developers, as noted by Hudson Jameson of the Ethereum Foundation:

After the upgrade, developers continued to monitor the progress of block confirmations as the difficulty adjusted. To that end, Buterin issued a status update at 5:46 am October 16:

Hard forks such as the Byzantium update would not have smooth deployments, if not for the cooperation of many individuals and entities – a testament to the robust community from which Ethereum continues to grow and evolve.