Ethereum Based Gaming Portal in Beta: Etherplay

Etherplay, a new gaming portal built on Ethereum, has released an announcement that they are currently in their beta phase.

Etherplay’s gaming ideology was formed around the old ‘pay to play’ arcade concept. Even with the current system of free downloadable games, these games often require unpredictable in-game purchases to continue to fully enjoy them. For example, players may have to pay more money to reach a new level, or purchase new or specialized weapons. With Ethereum, the Etherplay team felt that they could make their new gaming ‘pay to play and win’ idea into a reality. By utilizing a current oracle-based smart contract that’s run by Etherplay, all gaming data is available to the players, making their system verifiable and accountable.

With Etherplay’s gaming portal in beta, they encourage gamers to participate and test out their new platform. Their full press release is below:

Play Fun Games and Win Ether: Etherplay's Beta Is On!

Etherplay is launching today a new online game platform that aims to transform the way people play games. While free to play games have democratized gaming, it has provided casual gamers with games that require constant and unpredictable payments to be enjoyed to their full extent. This made the role of game designer a lot harder and while some games has been able to get around the limitations, it has restricted the set of gameplay mechanics available

Etherplay's aims to change that by bringing back the old "pay to play" model of the arcade machines. Players pay a small fee for each game session and as a bonus, players with the top scores get back some money in the form of the crypto currency Ether. This will allow us to design games for the full enjoyment of our players.

For the beta, our small little game is free to play and will allow the top 32 players to win some ether (5 ether for the first and 5 ether for the next 31 divided decreasingly among them). 1 ether is currently around $9-$10

Get ready to have fun at 

About Etherplay

Etherplay is a new skill game platform set to revolutionize how people play games. It is a come back to the pay to play model like it used to be at the time of arcade machine with a twist: Top players get to win money.

For that to work Etherplay is using the recent development in blockchain technology to offer player a low fee of entry. This new business model should bring fun to the game world 


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