Enigma To Reimburse Investors Who Were Scammed Amid Hack

On August 24, 2017, Guy Zyskind, co-founder and CEO of Enigma, issued a statement on the company's blog to address growing concerns over an elaborate hack that resulted in investors being scammed out of 1,492 Ether.

Zyskind stated:

"We are taking responsibility. We are deeply sorry for the pain experienced by those who lost funds to the scam attempt, and we want to make sure that no one in our community that was a victim to this well-coordinated phishing attack is financially hurt. We will restore funds to everyone that lost money in this recent scam attempt after our token sale concludes."

He invites anyone who hasn't already contacted the team to get in touch and provide personal and transaction information.

Zyskind said, "We have addressed the vulnerabilities that the attackers exposed and are taking other measures to ensure that our community is safe and our token sale is successful." He went on to thank the community for acting swiftly to expose the hack, saying that good Samaritans helped to thwart new attacks, dismantle scam sites, attempt to trace the scammer, and provide education to the community at large, efforts that he said "have already allowed us to successfully lock some of the stolen funds."

After contract closure of the Enigma token offering, ETHNews will provide coverage as to the scope of the reimbursement.