Digix Global Phishing Alert

The cryptocurrency community has seen their fair share of phishing stunts.

Exchanges like Kraken have fallen victim to these nefarious internet pranks. MyEtherWallet was also recently attacked. Phishing scams have been permeating the cryptocurrency sites in hopes of robbing people of their investments.

Similarly, Digix Global fell victim to phishing when a company decided to create a mock twitter account of it by dressing it up with the same images, logo, and content (for the most part). The discerning difference was instead of a lower case ‘L’ at the end of the word ‘Global’, they used an upper case ‘i.’ The dissimilarity was so slight, they started to gain a lot of traction with an enviable amount of followers.

Digix Global released an announcement alerting their followers and users to the fake account.  

When it comes to exchanges and investments, users must always be diligent when looking for authenticity. The real Digix Global twitter account can be found here.