Diginomics Ethereum Programming Course

Diginomics currently has an Ethereum Programming Course for digital money professionals and smart contract developers.

“The information contained within the Ethereum Programming Course is of particular use to individuals looking to understand the technical operation of Ethereum, implement smart contracts for business processes, and create decentralized applications using Ethereum scripting languages.”

For $699, Diginomics promises that students taking their course will master the smart contract, learn quality tutorials, test their knowledge with timed examinations, and earn their accreditation.

By learning Solidity, the language used in deploying smart contracts, listening to and viewing multiple perspectives on core concepts, and accessing all aspects of the course through tablet and mobile applications, students will earn a certificate upon completion of the course. This will help aspiring developers to traverse the unique terrain of the Ethereum world.

Travis Patron, author of The Bitcoin Revolution: An Internet of Money, is the leading course instructor on the following course topics:

The Diginomics Corporation focuses on the economic implications of a totally digitized monetary supply from global currencies to cultural lifestyles. They believe in economic analysis on the mega trend of privatized money supplies. Diginomics wishes to challenge the role of regulators, central banking institutions, and the national government’s ability to conduct fiscal and monetary policy.