Devcon2, Day Zero

All set at Devcon2, Shanghai

Preparations for tomorrow morning's conference are in full swing as conference participants arrive and get to know each other. The stage is set. It's an impressive auditorium with seating for 700 participants in a very impressive hotel with spectacular views of the Shanghai cityscape. It's fitting that Devcon2 is in Shanghai, a city where the future is an integral part of the contemporary culture. In my short few days here, I feel a city that is relentless in its confident drive forward and its thirst for progress.

Some conference participants took a trip to the Shanghai Museum and the Chinese Currency Gallery earlier Sunday. The museum holds a spectacular collection of incredibly rare and priceless currency-related artifacts. China has a very long history of money circulation. It went through phases of prototype currencies, unwrought weight metals, cast coins, paper notes and the emergent commodity economy. Now in the 21st century, arguably China's century, the Chinese could lead the way as we explore how the benefits of blockchain technology can be applied in the real world.

There’s a broad diversity of Dapp developers here from all over the world and they’ll be lining up alongside major global corporations, banks and other interested organizations. Dapp start-ups come from various sectors such as fintech, computer gaming, news, healthcare, identity and publishing (to name but a few). ETHNews will be covering DevCon in detail and providing updates throughout the conference on all major events, announcements and interesting developments. Ethereum is a truly global project and this conference is now the annual focal point for key Ethereum players to come together and find about what others are doing, explore new ideas and get a glimpse of where the project is going in the future.

Attendees look forward to tomorrow’s first session which will be opened by Ming Chan, Executive Director for the Ethereum Foundation. DevCon kicks off at 09:00 (18:00 Pacific or 21:00 Eastern).