Decentralized Social Network Announces September Launch

The decentralized and distributed social network, Synereo has announced that it will release the Alpha phase of its platform this September (2016).

“Synereo’s decentralized, open-source social network will move into alpha this September, being the first fully decentralized network based on principles of the attention economy,” The announcement reads. “Synereo’s alpha is built on top of the company’s unique distributed tech stack, which utilizes novel Blockchain technology to enable a peer-to-peer internet.”

After two years of hard work, Synereo is giving users the opportunity to say goodbye to the giant server farms of those like Facebook and Twitter. This means your personal information with no longer be sold to the highest bidder. With Synereo, users have control of their network and what they can create on it. Personal information or user history will never be stored thanks to the cutting-edge technology. Synereo has been working with developers to create a network full of decentralized nodes. With this expansion, web applications will be able to exist without centralized servers.

“Synereo’s alpha is much more than a P2P social media network. Essentially, it is the top layer of a complete decentralized tech stack – the Synereo platform – that our partners are already using to create fully decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols on. The Synereo team intends to create and support more dApps, as well as partner with many other teams, to bring the best applications of the old web into the new decentralized paradigm,” The Synereo blog reads.

By using a distributed protocol machine, they are able to create an implementation of the Ethereum protocol. In order to define protocols and to verify they are working correctly, Synereo’s backend was constructed entirely on the protocol machine. Because of all these things, Synereo claims that its blockchain based platform will transform the way social media is perceived.

In a blog post, Synereo explains what can be expected of the upcoming version:

  • Deployment of decentralized nodes on your local machines
  • Creation of private connections between users
  • Text posting with featured image (hosted on the decentralized cloud)
  • Content labels (#hashtags)
  • Decentralized search capability by label and user
  • Content amplification with test-net AMPs (expect more info about this and how test-net AMPs will be exchangeable for real AMPs)
  • 3-tier content viewing: browse, expand, and full view
  • AMP rewards for completing certain actions on the application, as well as for opting to report usage statistics relating to the attention economy

If you want to be a part of the Synereo social network alpha phase, sign up for their newsletter here.