ConsenSys Diligence Is Dedicated To The Ethereum Ecosystem

On June 30, 2017, ConsenSys Diligence (Diligence) was introduced as an arm of ConsenSys—dedicated to promoting best practices in the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Diligence casts its desire to work with clients who focus on long-term sustainability over short-term gains and exhibit the potential to beneficially impact the ecosystem. It encourages projects to avoid launching with respect to a favorable market, and instead focus on overall readiness. As per the announcement, “Our criteria for readiness extends beyond a basic code review, to include requirements for specifications, test drivers, static analysis, and staged roll outs.”

Acording to team member Gonçalo Sá, Diligence stems from the needs of the community: due diligence of projects within Ethereum. “Quality reviews are a much needed feature for every serious project when you have a whole community contributing money to your cause. Consensys Diligence provides you the highest quality ones,” said Sá.

Diligence tells ETHNews that it intends to “provide the most unbiased assessments and collaborate closely with every client to assure their success is aligned with the ethersphere’s healthy growth.” In addition to services, the formation plans to have a product side that will focus on providing open-source, high-quality, security tools to the community. Diligence will accompany each client throughout each of its projects’ phases. According to Sá, “We are currently testing the expansion of our code review efforts to include full stack applications as opposed to only reviewing code compiled to the EVM.”

The current team is devoted to the ecosystem above all else and draws from various projects for valuable experience.

“As a part of ConsenSys, our incentives are aligned with the long-term health of the ecosystem rather than short-term revenue. The ecosystem will always be our priority — over potential clients, business practices, and revenues.”

Setting protocols and standards is important, and the ecosystem as a whole will benefit from efforts made to ensure the readiness of projects transitioning from testing to launch phase.

Those with a background in Solidity and the Ethereum Virtual Machine, who are passionate about security, and are self-motivated are invited to reach out to ConsenSys Diligence. Developers can join the conversation at the Smart Contract Best Practices Gitter channel.