ConsenSys Announces Launch of Developer Academy

In response to the global blockchain developer shortage, ConsenSys has announced the launching of the ConsenSys Academy 2017 Challenge – an immersive blockchain training program. The goal of the program is to prepare blockchain developers for the ever expanding field and provide the opportunity to work full-time on real-world applications that are actively changing a number of sectors in the ecosystem.

The academy is open to both professional and student developers. However, in order to gain admission, applicants must successfully complete a Coding Test Screen. Akshi Federici, Executive Director of Special Projects at ConsenSys, tells ETHNews that the company is looking for candidates that possess the following skillsets:

  1. Have a good understanding of OOP (Solidity, the language used to create smart contracts, is object oriented).
  2. Have a working understanding of HTML and Javascript.
  3. Have at least a basic understanding of virtualization and the Linux command-line.
  4. Are fluent in the use of Git as a way of exchanging and collaborating on code.

Federici further elaborated:

“Generally you will benefit most from this course if you already have a good understanding of computing paradigms and have active development experience of at least a year.”

Once admitted, all selected participants will receive access to an all-expenses paid, 10-week training program that will be held between August 1 and October 8. According to the release, the program will initially start with “nine weeks of immersive online courses.”

For the last week of the academy, all participants will be flown to Dubai to participate in on-site finals and a graduation ceremony hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation. Furthermore, students will get the opportunity to work alongside ConsenSys developers on “real-life projects.” As per Federici:

“The location is Dubai but the projects students will work on during Phase2 while they are in Dubai are ConsenSys wide projects from across our portfolio of spokes / currently running projects. Specific projects will be disclosed to the program participants and made public between August-September.” 

In March 2017, ConsenSys was appointed by the Smart Dubai Office (SDO) as the Blockchain City Advisor. This effort is in line with the Dubai Blockchain Strategy 2020, a collaboration between the SDO and the Dubai Future Foundation that was launched by Sheikh Hamdan.

Upon completion of the 2017 Challenge, all students will receive both a ConsenSys-certified graduation certification and also an opportunity to join ConsenSys’ developer team.

Applications for the ConsenSys Academy 2017 Challenge will remain open from now until July 1, 2017. More information can be found at the academy website.