Company Engraves Wallet Address QR Codes Onto Jewelry And More

Ethereum is a fitting name for something as ethereal as a digital currency. While your Ether has real world value, it only exists as a string of computer code. It’s always interesting to see how different companies are trying to link their digital currency to physical objects.

One method is through QR codes and wallets. If you can represent your digital currency’s account address as a QR code, you can put that code on whatever you like. If you put a public key to your account on anything, you have a quick reference for making deposits, or checking your balance. If you add a private key to that physical object, it becomes a wallet. Public keys allow deposits, but private keys allow withdrawals, so private keys are best kept hidden.

Engraving company Bitcoin-Engrave inscribes all sorts of metals with digital currency related carvings. They can engrave “nearly anything” onto any of the following metals: Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Silver, and Gold.

They offer dog tags, bracelets, and even Zippo-style lighters for engraving. The idea is you can engrave a QR code link to your Ether wallet address onto the metal item of your choice. Then you have easy access to your wallet with a piece of jewelry you could always carry with you. The prices for pendants and keychains range from $13 to $20, depending on size.

Their products are all engraved with industrial-grade diamonds, making the effect permanent. These engravings won’t rub off or fade away. That makes any engraved wallet a fire-resistant, all weather wallet. The days of writing your account details on napkins are finally at an end. Hopefully no one actually uses napkins for information storage.

They also do custom work; all you do is contact them via email and they can tailor their services to your needs. So their jewelry could technically even be used as a cold storage wallet, though that would require making your private keys public, which is generally a very bad idea.

This company serves as just another example of how digital currencies are crossing over into the physical world.