Cisco Joins Chamber Of Digital Commerce

On August 8, 2017, the Chamber of Digital Commerce added a new member. Cisco, the California-based information technology powerhouse, will bring its experience and expertise to the world’s leading nonprofit trade association that is dedicated to promoting the use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies.

Cisco is the latest addition to the Chamber’s growing Executive Committee, which includes other prominent companies like Microsoft and IBM, as well as banks like USAA and Wells Fargo. Recognizing that Cisco “is a leader in security, real-time capabilities and has a track record of building scalable systems,” Chamber founder Perianne Boring stated: “We’re pleased to welcome Cisco to the Chamber and look forward to channeling its expertise as we work to support the blockchain technology ecosystem.”

Executive Committee members play a key role in the direction of the Washington, D.C.-based Chamber, such as by exercising voting power on policy initiatives and participating as leaders of working groups and internal consortiums to address issues as they arise and to plan strategies for the future. The Executive Committee meets biannually with Chamber leadership and its Board of Advisors to help set the Chamber’s general policy directives and priorities.

Head of Cisco’s Blockchain Initiative, Anoop Nannra, stated: “We are excited to join the Chamber of Digital Commerce and collaborate with its membership to accelerate this promising technology frontier. To unlock the value of blockchain for public and private sector applications and ensure widespread adoption, we need to collaboratively drive technology standardization, interoperability, and education.”   

The pairing seems like a natural step for both entities and will draw on the intersection of each organization’s overlapping interests to catalyze growth that is beneficial to the entire ecosystem. Boring addressed this collaborative potential stating, “Cisco has a strong reputation of identifying promising technologies to deliver remarkable innovations to its customers.” Nannra echoed, “There is much work to be done before blockchain truly sees broad-scale adoption, but there are significant opportunities for this transformative technology to drive enterprise value creation.”