Chinese Government Reveals List of 60 ICOs And Platforms Under Investigation

Chinese media is reporting the existence of a list that names 60 companies that have held token offering-related activities inside China. Here are the facts.

Sometime between September 3 and 4, 2017, a list of Chinese companies that conducted token offerings inside China surfaced on the internet. The list is purportedly part of a supposed leaked letter from the Chinese government to the Chinese province of Fujian issued on September 2. The letter mentioned issuing “guidance to the local government of Fujian,” as well as demanded a report on ICOs, trading, and exchange platforms by September 4.


The letter referenced an attached list of 60 companies and ICO/fundraising platforms, and stated that guidance about how to monitor exchanges and trading platforms will be forthcoming. ETHNews translated the list provided below:

If this list is genuine, it provides important information related to the recent action taken by the Chinese government against token offerings.

ETHNews will be monitoring the activities by the listed companies and provide updates as they become available.