BlockCypher Promises Instant Payments Worldwide

One of the world’s leading providers of blockchain services, BlockCypher, now offers fast and low cost worldwide payments for companies.

The blockchain startup, which integrated Ethereum into its services back in June, has already allowed quick payments to countries like South Africa, Argentina, and Mexico. The payments system, called BlockCypher Payments™, operates using APIs that will determine a valid transaction, pinpoint double spending attempts, authorize smart contract responses, and verify addresses.

Read the full press release below:

Blockchain Web Services™ Company BlockCypher Announces Instantaneous Cross-Border Payments

Reduce Friction in Payments, Clearing and Settlement Using Blockchain Technology


BlockCypher, leading provider of Blockchain Web Services™, enables companies worldwide in providing faster, lower cost, and more secure settlement and clearing of payment transactions. BlockCypher’s customers service over 4.5 million users.

“Many companies are addressing the cost and processing times of international payments. It’s too expensive and slow,” says BlockCypher founder and CEO Catheryne Nicholson. "BlockCypher executes almost-instantaneous payments and is used worldwide. It's real and in production today. It’s not a theoretical 80+ people design-phase POC.”

While many banks have started proof of concepts to explore the use of blockchain technology, BlockCypher customers are already in production. BlockCypher enables payments to the far reaches of the world, such as South Africa, Asia, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Denmark, Mexico, and the Philippines. In all these cases, BlockCypher Payments™ enable companies to provide faster, lower cost and more secure payments. BlockCypher Payments™ includes: 

In addition to BlockCypher Payments™, companies use the BlockCypher (BCY) Test Chain to accelerate development and time-to-market of new applications. Check for more information about these services.

BlockCypher's APIs, available on public chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as private chains, are used in over 50 countries, have supported over 15 million API calls per day, and hundreds of requests per second. Thousands of developers and companies are already using BlockCypher to enable global payment, clearing and settlement. Using BlockCypher, these companies have reduced developer costs by 35%, go-to-market over 6 months faster, and rely heavily on BlockCypher's 99.999% uptime and enterprise-grade performance.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the financial services sector,” says Bart Cant, Principal, Business and IT Transformation for Capgemini Financial Services. “BlockCypher provides infrastructure and web services that enable new blockchain products to make existing processes more efficient, secure, transparent and inexpensive.”

For more on how companies are using the blockchain to provide faster payments, clearing and settlement, join Capgemini and BlockCypher for a webcast on September 21, 2016. Please register here.

About BlockCypher 
BlockCypher is the leading Blockchain Web Services™ company. Their web services enable blockchain applications to be built easily. BlockCypher takes care of the complexity of building and running blockchain infrastructure so companies can focus on their business applications. BlockCypher is blockchain agnostic and runs multiple blockchains - open and private - on the same infrastructure. 
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