BlockCypher announces Ethereum contract API

BlockCypher, the blockchain startup, has released an Ethereum Contract API.

Through this new API, users can easily administer new contracts in any programming language on the Ethereum blockchain. The API is meant to clear up the difficulty in writing code for any new contracts. With this simplicity, the company plans to build a stronger Ethereum blockchain.

BlockCypher’s co-founder and CEO, Catheryne Nicholson, elaborates in her blog:

“We also have many ideas to help make contract development easier and more secure. We accomplished it for Bitcoin transactions. Now we are on a release path to do the same for Ethereum.”

In June, the startup added Ethereum to their platform. By introducing Ethereum, it gave other companies the opportunity to create applications without using a blockchain infrastructure.

Founded in 2015, BlockCypher was designed to clean up the blockchain and coding language to build a stronger, yet accessible platform. Through their services, users are able to concentrate on the details through their applications. They can simply construct the application, while reducing costs and threatening errors.