Blockchainfirst Gives Preview of Demo Day Presentation

Blockchainfirst is gearing up to present its new product, Ethan BIoT.

Jürgen Schaar, CEO and Founder of the Singapore-based company, has confirmed with ETHnews that Blockchainfirst will present on Demo Day, during the International Blockchain Week. Blockchainfirst will create a booth where developers and attendees can test the product, Ethan BIoT (Blockchain Internet of Things).

According to a report sent to ETHnews, Ethan BIoT will help propel Blockchainfirst in its mission to bring the Internet of Things and the blockchain together. Tiny devices, connected to the Ethereum blockchain, allow easier interaction between IoT devices and the blockchain. 

During the demonstration, Blockchainfirst will present Ethan BIoT products such as the “door opener”, “smart meter”, “candy dispenser”, and “weather station”. These products could be very useful for those who do not carry cash. For example, the “candy dispenser” will display the QR code for the customer to scan with their Blockchainfirst app. Paying with Ether then allows the customer to receive their candy. The company confirmed that this product is ready to be integrated into every vending machine.

A second product that will be featured is the “Ethan BIoT Gate/Door Opener”. Similar to the “candy dispenser”, the customer must scan the QR code to unlock either a door, gate, or turnstile. The product is beneficial for those who rent out their homes or condos; businesses and cities can use the door opener as well. Customers can unlock turnstiles upon entering the subway or museum, or doors when entering a public restroom.

Ethan BIoT products are all integrated with smart contracts, which the owner can implement. Owners who rent their home to a family can create a contract specifically for them. The code will only work for as long as the family stays. After their renting time is done, the contract expires.

Blockchainfirst is one of 31 startups scheduled to present during Demo Day on Sept. 22 in Shanghai.