Blockchain World Expo Opens Registration

Toronto will be seeing its first and largest blockchain Expo in September, so register today!

Decentral, Ethereum Canada, and Accelerate Finance have joined together to present the Blockchain World Expo. From September 19th -20th 2016, the Blockchain World Expo will be held at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. The largest event of its kind, this expo plans to demystify the blockchain and bring together professionals of varying sectors such as banks, financial services, start-ups, investment firms, regulators and educators, and leading blockchain experts. Proponents of the blockchain will come together to showcase the present and future of what’s been touted as the world’s most disruptive technology.

For three days there will be exhibitions, presentations, networking sessions, panelists, productive discussions surrounding the groundbreaking technology, and prolific keynote speakers such as, Anthony Di lorio, Decentral’s CEO, and William Mougavar, author of the Business Blockchain.

There will also be a trade show where vendors will have the opportunity to showcase their innovative products and services, a hackathon, and different sessions for all areas within the blockchain. There will also be an estimated amount of 28 sessions for industry professionals and leaders, a session highlighting emerging startups, and of course, VIP accommodations.

To make this event sound even more alluring, VIP accommodations include a room with an art gallery, special photo-ops, a VIP fireside chat area, complimentary lunches, VIP dinner with their very own keynote speaker, and an intimate cocktail mixer on a cruise ship.  

The aim of this event is to bring people together and to be the leading global blockchain conference for high finance, while connecting partners and experts within the blockchain community.

For more information and to register, head over to their website.