BlockCDN Opens ICO this November

China has been growing exponentially over the years as one of the leading countries in blockchain and Ethereum development. BlockCDN is a Chinese company that’s aiming to create a new content delivery network (CDN) by utilizing blockchain technology.

The amount and complexity of content being demanded by users today is on the rise. Our society has moved from text and images to live video feeds, HD video, and in some cases even the use of multiple screens in order to fill our appetite. These all rely on an adequate content delivery system, and with the increase of all of this content, network congestion becomes a more serious issue and users’ experience gradually declines.

BlockCDN, based on the blockchain and utilizing Ethereum’s Solidity, is a distributed CDN and intelligent scheduling of DNS technology that makes the global internet user share their idle equipment as data caching nodes and provides data uploading services for nearby accessing users. According to their site, BlockCDN is a “self-service CDN trading market that allows website owners and sharers to enjoy free, equal and transparent trade, to distribute the CDN, and bring down 90% of the acceleration fee to get a better CDN service.”

By users sharing their idle internet devices to become CDN caching nodes and providing uploaded traffic when nearby clients need it, it relieves the network of it’s congestion. BlockCDN encourages users to purchase their own CDN or participate in their crowdfund which will begin November 28th and run through December 26th.   

“BlockCDN is a decentralized CDN trading market and explains how to deploy Solidity to operate smart contract on Ethereum. With blockchain technology, it calls for global internet idler to share their idle equipment (e.g. personal computer, router, TV box, tablet, mobile phone) and provide the uploaded traffic to make internet fast node ubiquitous with faster access to internet and less CDN services used by bandwidth.”

ICO Opens: 28th November - 26th December

Token: BCDN

BlockCDN is a Chinese company creating a blockchain-based content distribution network with inbuilt trading platform.

The BlockCDN Mission is to open up the content distribution market to enable everyone to be able to contribute to and draw off of a peer to peer network of shared computing resources. The CDN market is huge (Akamai, Velocix) and we now have the technology to disrupt it with a new decentralised model. Our technology will create an easy to use system where ’sharers’ can earn rewards for lending their idle time to the network and ’demanders’ can use those resources for ’acceleration tasks’. Our platform enables this new sharing economy through blockchain technology and specifically Ethereum smart contracts. Read more about the CDN industry here

The Details

1000,000,000 BCDN created

1000 BCDN = 1 ETH opening price

ICO Investment Cap: 400,000 ETH

Minimum viable investment: 150,000 ETH

Early Investor bonus schedule:

28th Nov - 12th Dec: 1 ETH = 1000 BCDN

13th & 14th Dec: 1 ETH = 950 BCDN (1000 BCDN*95%

15th & 16th Dec: 1 ETH = 902.5 BCDN (1000 BCDN95%95%

17th & 18th Dec: 1 ETH = 859.375 BCDN (100095%95%95%95%)

19th & 20th Dec: 1 ETH = 814.50625 BCDN (100095%95%95%95%*95%)

21st & 22nd Dec: 1 ETH = 773.780938 BCDN (100095%95%95%95%95%95%)

23rd & 24th Dec: 1 ETH = 735.091891 BCDN (100095%95%95%95%95%95%*95%)

25th & 26th Dec: 1 ETH = 698.337296 BCDN (100095%95%95%95%95%95%95%95%)

To learn more, head to the BlockCDN website.