Bitstamp Now Trades In Ether

On August 17, 2017, cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp announced new trading pairs pegging Ether (ETH) against bitcoin (BTC), the US dollar (USD) and the euro (EUR), that are now available to traders on the platform.

Bitstamp has opted to mark the launch by suspending fees on ETH trades until October 1, 2017. On November 1, the trading fee will be integrated for Ether trades but at a 75-percent discounted rate, which will diminish in 25-percent tiers on a monthly basis until after the first of the year 2018, when fees will be at full price. Bitstamp provided a table for clarity.

Earlier this month, Bitstamp announced a unified pricing structure after adding the trading pairs and as a preparatory measure for expanding its trading portfolio. Bitstamp now calculates fees by combining 30-day volume on all trading pairs, converting those amounts to USD, and applying a relative fee based on the chart provided below:

Bitstamp's favorable trade rates, although temporary, are likely to draw a great deal of interest towards Ether from users on the platform, which is already among the top 10 BTC trading platforms.