Ask Me Anything: Blockgeeks Host World Blockchain AMA

On January 18, 2017, Blockgeeks will host World Blockchain AMA, a live “ask me anything” event scheduled to begin at 12 pm (EST) till 4 pm (EST). Confirmed guests include ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin, and Stephan Tual, founder of During the AMA, the public will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to industry leaders, or simply read the community’s questions and answers from the top names in the blockchain.

Full list of speakers include:

Blockgeeks states that dozens of other CEOs within the blockchain industry will also attend the AMA. Participants will need to register for an account on Blockgeeks in order to ask questions. Once registered, questions can be submitted in advance or during the event.


-All AMA’s are done by Text base replies, very similar to Reddit

-Guests will receive questions before the live AMA and during the AMA

-The guest can choose to answer which questions he/she wants to


-Guest picks a date and time to hold the AMA

-Guest will then get a link to share/promote with his/her audience.

-20 min before the AMA, the guest will jump on Skype with the moderator to sign in and double check technicalities

-The guest will then proceed to the AMA to begin answering questions

-Once the AMA is done, the guest will jump back on Skype to close off with the moderator

ETHNews reached out to ConsenSys CMO Amanda Gutterman about the AMA event and she stated:

“I'm looking forward to a lively conversation and an opportunity to share exciting news and updates about ConsenSys projects and Ethereum. 2017 is the year of Ethereum. Between game-changing developments like sharding and proof of stake, and the planned launch of decentralized products and services that are poised to make a big impact, this is the year. And with the birth of Enterprise Ethereum - since Ethereum is increasingly becoming adopted as the de facto blockchain by Fortune 500 companies and other large enterprises­ - there is no better time to prepare (and not from just the blockchain ‘geeks,’ but also tech enthusiasts, developers, and investors) for the upcoming decentralized Web 3.0.”

Gutterman also told ETHNews that she will be tweeting during the AMA via @ConsenSysLLC.

To sign up and register, click here.